Spring is here, we are opening up the country gradually after the latest lockdown and people are being vaccinated, things are undoubtedly looking up, but there is still a way to go, both for the public and businesses.

One positive from the Covid-19 pandemic is that we appreciate health far more often than we used to, from self-care to understanding how viruses spread, we have changed the world forever. An example is no longer will people be frowned upon for carrying hand sanitiser, now it is widely accepted that hands spread these diseases and we must avoid this where possible.

Another really exciting move forward is with our understanding of food and how it travels from fields or farms to the plate. Many local farm shops would have had record years with the public now wanting the best food for the meals due to the health benefits, also our understanding of the process supermarkets use to get food onto the shelves has increased and our awareness of what this could do to our bodies has made the decision easier for many of us to pay that little extra.

With this in mind, it is time not to return to supermarkets and the “lazy” shop, it is time to continue to eat well, especially as what we put in our bodies fuels us for the rest the day and the energy we put into it, it is time now to think about every purchase you make, if that item has been through systems of production that will or won’t benefit your body, if we are being fair on ourselves.

We have lots of media coming up working in partnership with the farming community, highlighting the great work they are doing, educating the public on the journey of food, that we are in the thoughts of the farmer as soon as an animal is born, or a seed planted and that what eventually ends up on our plate as had the best and most nutritious journey possible for the good of our health.

We know there is a place for supermarkets, and they have many products that aren’t available elsewhere, but where you can, it has never been so important to shop local now and support the businesses, where every purchase you make is towards the owners’ mortgage, the staffs household bills and not a shareholders next dividend pay-out, so as you next walk in to do the big shop, just think, what can I get fresher and healthier from the farm shop, because maybe our future health is worth that few extra pence we pay for quality!