Well, it isn’t easy, no big productions allowed, spectacular B roll is difficult to justify during a lockdown and many businesses not even in their usual place of work, so how do we keep audiences engaged? Difficult isn’t it.

Here’s a few tips for content you could create yourselves to help you promote your business.

  • Podcast – Find people to have a conversation with you and record it via zoom
  • Vodcast – Become good at the conversation and feel comfortable being on video and rather than just creating the audio, load the video too, make sure you look smart and representable, most importantly, have a smile
  • A day in the life of – Pick one of the employees or yourself and ask them to record, in photos or videos, about their day in the life of during lockdown
  • Blog – We hope fully will never experience another period like this in our lifetimes, why not record it via a blog on your website, imagine reading back in 60 years’ time about the 2020/21 period!

I am sure you have plenty more, but there is just a few we can all do ourselves, remember practice makes progression and you don’t have to load it up until you’re happy with the materials.

Go on, have a go, what else is there to do at the moment and I am sure it will create some light-hearted moments that will engage your audience.

Until we are all allowed out to create those huge productions, stay safe and stay healthy.