So today is finally the day we seem to have a reasonable plan to see us out of continuous lockdowns, no more plans to start/stop the economy and a plan to bring back the all-important events industry back to life which so many jobs and businesses depend on.

If you like the roadmap from the Government or not, if it has put a spring in your step or it has set up back, there is nothing that can now be done other than to work with it now, we must accept what it is and plan for the start date for your industry, otherwise, if you spend the next few weeks protesting or posting you are unhappy on social media, you will miss the starting gun and be further back than you could have been. Start planning and promoting from this point, draw that line in the sand.

We are pleased that we have dates that we can work to, do we like that they aren’t sooner, of course not, we want to be back to full steam ahead straight away, but we do have public health implications to think about too after so many have lost loved ones, however the confidence in this plan has to be off the back of the amazing vaccine roll out that we are witnessing. If you know someone who is thinking whether they should have it or not, tell them to get it done then think about it later, the higher the uptake the sooner we are all back, guaranteed!

There is no doubt that July onwards is going to be busier than ever, but, after the past year, enjoyable, already we have had notifications of weddings rearranged, festivals that have been postponed several times now confirmed and videos that have been planned for months, now with dates booked in, all within six hours of the plan being issued. Undoubtedly February 22nd in general has bought optimism and it is finally, after a year, almost time to make the most of it.

We can’t change what has gone, no amount of typing on a forum that it is unfair will ever change the past 12-15 months, all we can do is get out there and in the Great British spirit, get on with it, plan like never before, go to more events than ever, spend money and support the small businesses that is more than likely paying off the bills that have built up during this time.

However, until then, just remember, the less social contact you have, this could also save your friends small business and able them to trade in the next few months rather than face being held back again, which will end it for too many.