Why is this vital? There are many people out there who fly a drone, I mean it is easy enough, I will just pop up in the sky and get a view photos and videos that I can use on my marketing materials, who will ever know?


The CAA are the law makers for the skies, as soon as you take off, they are who you need to adhere to, all the air navigation orders now apply, here’s a few facts that mean your materials either taken by yourself or your friend who doesn’t hold a PFCO could land you in trouble and you really should not be using.

Hobbyists need to be 150 m from congested areas and open-air assemblies and can’t carry out any commercial work.

PFCO holders can fly within 50 metres without having the above under their control, but if the surroundings are under the pilot’s team control, these restrictions then do not apply and flights within a safe distance can take place unless the area is considered a congested area.

PFCO holders must be fully insured to receive their certificate and have attended an industry standard course with pilots that have been trained to run them and qualified to examine the participants.

There are many more professional and morally ethic reasons why you should use a PFCO holder, but that is for another day.