When we began our podcasting, we thought it may help a few businesses to get their message out into the world, when we were appointed by Human Results, the aim was to help employees/employers to avoid some pitfalls in the world of HR, never did we expect to be recognised in the top 20 HR podcasts for them, however, this is what respected blogging site, Feedspot, has said about the shows.

You can read what they have said here https://blog.feedspot.com/uk_hr_podcasts/.

On the podcast, MD, Alasdair Hobbs and myself talk to guests about real-life situations that are actually happening, the first 12 months have been dominated by COVID-19 as you would expect, but we also try to be unique and bring people from different industries into the conversation to tell us how they are moving forward. In HR, the role is always to solve issues and not to leave either side to end up in a legal battle, however, sometimes that happens because of a lack of knowledge of the situation, but you can guarantee it has happened somewhere else previously. Indeed, one of the common themes on the pod is “never be the test case!” So, if we can pass the wide ranging knowledge of the Human Results team onto others then it may help a situation reach a solution without intervention meaning businesses can then concentrate on trading and the employees will be happier at the place of work. Working with Alasdair and the team is a real pleasure, they are the best in the business and widely respected around Shropshire and further afield.

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