New Year, Blue Monday, Self-Assessments, sums up January doesn’t it? The usual euphoria of a new year, new start, quickly evaporated when lockdown 3.0 was announced on January 4th.

The one aspect of the Coronavirus pandemic has been where can small businesses access support to help see them through the crisis. Undoubtedly small, independent businesses have had the hardest time getting to the national help with so many restrictions being put in place, however, at local level, there has been a desire from many organisations to assist with grants where possible.

One such grant that we applied for was the Marches Growth Hub Small Business Recovery Grant, which was based around business support and equipment for up to £3000 worth of support, around the same time we were selected by Telford and Wrekin Council for additional business support by a member of a panel of business consultants. Both have turned out to be really valuable and have complimented one another.

Business advisors/coaches polarise opinions, some have done a course and then believe they can advise on running a business without ever having that experience, we cancel those out straight away, however, there is a group of business strategists that have either ran their own business, or part of a large corporate business, which in their own way was a business of their own, or something similar.

We at Moogies feel lucky, really lucky, we were allocated a business advisor that had done all of the above plus a lot more, indeed he had even worked as a strategist in motor sport and we all know the business and organisation skills needed to understand the data in that area. Chris Gough from CGR Business Solutions has made Moogies into an organised business!

Isn’t it also strange that parts of the jigsaw start to fit in around other positive actions too, during the application procedure for the Grant was when Chris came on board, his experience with grants meant he advised us on how to write a grant application, and for the first ever time, we were successful in obtaining the support when there is an application process?

So now onto the equipment recovery grant itself, Moogies Media has built the business in the right way, without ever over stretching itself, but of course, a media business is only ever as good as its equipment, and although we have always gone for the best, we also have areas of weaknesses that we needed to improve, and it is always better to acknowledge this. So with his in mind, we have upgraded both our video camera and digital camera equipment with the grant, including a new Sony video camera and a Nikon digital camera, adding to our Panasonic hand held camera and drone fleet.

Since then we have of course upgraded other equipment such as tripods etc, but really now feel we are in a position to move the business forward once again and be stronger than we were this time last year. We now can’t wait to get back out there and begin using the new cameras, safely of course and after lockdown.

With the new skills learnt recently, Moogies really is built on the customers’ requirements and we are ensuring that our clients have the required standard of media materials that will bring them new business in. As always, we are grateful to every one of our supporters who have helped us to get in this position.

Stay safe and healthy to you all, 2021 will improve, the end is in sight.