Life is easy isn’t it? We all know where we stand, and it is clear what we can and can’t do. No?

I think we all can tell that the above statement is tongue in cheek, there is no doubt that there has never been a more difficult time for a business owner in a generation, some industries have simply been forgotten, some are being told to pivot out of one sector and find another, whilst some are being left to close and never open again, a very sad situation.

However, we must look at positives and do what we can to survive, there are things that we are now doing at Moogies HQ that we thought we would never do. If we start with Kayleigh’s blogging life over at, this has gone into directions that were never in the original plan and has attracted customers that we never considered, but people want to tell their stories and keep in people’s minds, some of the businesses that we have attracted have included legacy planners, vegan dog shampoo manufacturers as well as Kayleigh documenting her own medical journey that is about to enter a difficult period, very powerful stuff.

Whilst on the media side, we have become members of the National Union of Journalists, which means our previous work has been recognised and accepted that our skills are helping business get into the news. There is no doubt these days, that avenue is wide and vast and now include, as they did, the traditional newspapers and magazine as well as now all the new digital channels such as, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc, we could continue on that list but you know most of them. Indeed the journalist acknowledgment and the digital age that we have years of experience on have meant we have begun over the past two weeks working on the fabulous Garage magazine, with our friends from the Recovery Tow Show and Professional Recovery magazine.

Sometimes the timing is perfect and things happen for a reason, and this is the case with this industry renowned magazine, after being a leader in the vehicle aftermarket for 20+ years the chance opened up for us to join the team and to take it forward, the really fortunate part of the new contract is that it is a wonderful product, so it is an evolution rather than a revolution of the title.

There are things we can all do, on our Podcast we have just launched our 50th episode with guests on each and every one of them, if you would have said to us in March that we would be an established media outlet with many subscribers across all the popular platforms including Apple, Spotify, Google and many more, I would never have believed you, but when you put your mind to it anything is achievable. Indeed it now has a full page on our website at and we spend more time on this than flying the drone, although this is due to restrictions as there is nothing like being out there for a flight and seeing life from the sky, but we are where we are.

A final message, as we enter the winter months and seemingly restrictions are being put back in place, please do not lose faith in what you do, do not lose belief in what you do and remember, your skills can always be adapted, in the meantime, stay safe and we will succeed because business owners are a special kind of person.