Isn’t that what we are all saying about 2020, get us out of this horrendous year? Well not long to go and it is an appropriate time to reflect on one of the few highlights of the year.

Back in late August, we travelled to the Welsh coast for a few days, yes, we were lucky to have booked a caravan for one of those times when we could travel around, just prior to arriving it was announced that the popular ITV prime time show, I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here, was to be filmed at Gwrych Castle in Abergele, three miles from where we were staying.

So, it was decided that we would try to visit the fabulous tourist place, but if restrictions were already in place at the venue itself, then we would fly over with the Mavic Pro 2 Drone, but unsure of what we would find and a seemingly lack of drone footage of the castle, the excitement built as to what we would discover.

Gwrych Castle

On arrival, we were greeted with a spectacular sight, in all the trees on the hill overlooking the seaside town, you could see an amazing structure poking through, looking incredibly strong and beautiful in its surroundings.

Driving up to the castle itself is an incredible experience too, with the golf course underneath and Manorafon Farm Park looking splendid in the sun too next to the Golf club, you are in a stunning area with plenty to do.

Arriving at the gates to the castle, the security were already present, stopping to ask if it was completely closed to the public already, bearing in mind it is still three months away, we were told it was, but we got talking to the guard who was very helpful in telling us how to gain good photos and the areas to go. Although there were plenty of places for a drone to take off, especially as we are by the seaside of course.

Clearly there was a lot of activity happening already, a huge crane was present, and it looked like there were repairs, tidying up and the preparation for the huge production was in full swing.

We got as close as we could safely and took off, if we thought it was a great sight from the crowd, it was even more spectacular from the skies, the castle itself is huge and in such great condition for the age of the building. The coast is always great to fly at anyway, but with such a wonderful castle put in the midst of Abergele as well, we really couldn’t fail to get some spectacular shots and create a video for all to see, we are sure you agree, which can be seen by clicking on the picture below.

Gwrych Castle

If you do get a chance next year, we recommend going and visit Gwrych Castle, we certainly want to see the site again when it is fully open, seeing the opening of the ITV show this year has only wetted the appetite even more.

Small plusses in normal years and major wins in 2020 and seeing the great places to visit in the UK certainly is one of those. Stay safe and stay well to you all.