Wow, Shropshire Festivals came back with a bang, and what a huge explosion of safe enjoyment it was. July 4th 2020 will long be a date remembered by many in England, as it was the date when it felt like life was returning to what is, without doubt, “the new normal” post the first peak of COVID-19, well at least for a good while until restrictions are lifted further or a possible 2nd peak.

As the different parts of the UK have their own, devolved rules, there were many that were still left frustrated in other parts, but as rules turned to guidelines, and many restrictions were lifted in England itself, part of the entertainment world came alive, pubs opened the doors, outdoor showgrounds opened the gates and many breathed a huge sigh of relief.

In Shropshire, the first event of many over the next few weeks took place at the West Mids. Showground, Shropshire Drive In Music, which was born and delivered within an amazing six weeks only, was such a huge success that the first event had sold out many weeks prior, and with well over 200 cars, 500+ people and three bands playing over the evening, many rocked the night away and let their hair down in a very safe environment.

Each car had its own box which had enough room for people to comfortably social distance, each cars passengers were only allowed out of the vehicle to the driver’s side and no more than the length of the car, but within that space, many danced, had picnics and enjoyed the street food that was delivered safely by the army of volunteers on site.

The organisation of the event overall was of the highest quality, over 200 cars were parked within an hour, and even more impressively, the last car was off site within 15 minutes of the end of the Music, food also was served to peoples bubble boxes by volunteers who delivered it in a safe manner with many protocols being followed, even down to the toilets which were in a suitable place out the back of the showground and managed to ensure social distancing measures could be met at all times.

From Moogies point of view, it felt good to be involved again in events out in the beautiful countryside of Shropshire, and we look forward to the next few weekends when we can again, contribute to the events world. It felt weird at times and many aspects were unusual, although general shots were easy to take, it did made personal pictures that we like to take of people very difficult, if not impossible in certain spots, but at other times, especially when we flew the drone, which is unusual so close to an event, it was to our advantage, certainly claiming a 30 metre square for our operation is a lot easier when things are so spaced out and the limit of people allowed in helps when risk assessing.

Overall, even though these are tough times, Shropshire Drive In was a very successful event and enjoyable, the feedback that we have seen online since the event has been amazing. As we mentioned, there are several more events lined up over the next few weeks, if you are in and around Shropshire, why not visit and book yourself a safe night out, if it is comedy, West End Singers, World Class Acrobats, Abba, or other events that may pop up, there is something for all.

Thank you for reading our first weekend back at events and we will see you soon, because as they say in showbusiness “The Show Must Go On”.