Five weeks, eight events, so many steps on the step counter, thousands of happy, smiley people, pictures galore and memories to last a lifetime, that just about sums about the Shropshire Drive-In events that we have been privileged to have covered, but are they for the future?

Compared to a normal year, it has been really tough, seeing people in their own bubble, keeping away from everyone else, food being delivered to their car rather than the queues at the Street food vans, it is not what anyone is used to.

Then think about the acts, they feed off an audience in most cases, yet their sound is coming through people’s stereos, the only gauge they had for the first few shows was a flash of the lights, or the sound of a clap in the distance out of a car window. Admittedly as the weather improved and confidence picked up, the crowds were more likely to sit outside the car to enjoy the acts, and the reactions became more visible.

Yet for all the above, they have been a massive success and the team at Shropshire Festivals have done an amazing job, of course we all hope this isn’t the new norm, but they say when life gives you Lemons, make Lemonade and the team from Buildwas made the best Lemonade possible. We are just thankful that we were allowed to be a small part of it, photographing everything from local music acts, to world renown Cappella (pictured above) on the final night, from circus shows with a full cast, to comedians owning the stage by themselves.

So, Drive-In events, are they all that? In the current circumstances, without a doubt they are, and such a great experience too. They provide such valuable entertainment and are in a safe environment run by a very experienced and high quality team, indeed, one noticeable trend was the people returning to the events, feeling once they had been once, they felt really safe in what was created and came back, of course the difficulty for any organiser is getting the message across to potential first time attendees that it’s a safe environment, but long term future for them, we would say doubtful for many reasons.

Why? Because we are social animals that want to be free to bounce up and down to the music, to browse the food vendors and most of all, to interact with friends and families that we want to go to these events with, because stewards sorting out cars for the that want to be together isn’t the easiest thing to do.

Also, how viable is it for the companies putting on the events, reduced capacities, extra costs, less sponsorship revenue, we can’t afford to put great event organisers at risk, because without the experienced, high quality companies such as Shropshire Festivals, we open the market to slap dash, quick fix organisers that put people at far greater risk of health and safety issues than just Covid. I’m sure we have all seen what that can bring in the past and know people who have suffered, and that is not a pleasant road.

Stay safe and support your local events companies before we lose them, because the consequences are unimaginable.