This has been a dreadful and harrowing period for most people, sad times too. It has also been a desperate time for many industries as well, catastrophic for some. But the events industry has been one of the hardest hit and falls into the latter category without a doubt.

However, we are a hardy bunch, stubborn, hard-working and bloody good at what we do, this is mainly through experience and common sense, because no amount of training will tell you how to react when you have tens of thousands of people at your event.

So, imagine losing that experience and the up and coming event organisers having to learn on the job, having to wait for situations to happen before reacting, not having the ability to see something and stop it prior to happening. Not good and potentially dangerous.

But how do we avoid this? How do we kick start the events industry to ensure the businesses that arrange these spectaculars do survive? Well Paul Spicer from LNP Sound and myself went along to the Black Country Radio studios, supported by six other very valued friends and colleagues on zoom, to tell our stories, both of how the last six months have affected us all, and how during the next 18 months, we will help the industry recover and grow, it was an emotional day in parts, yet a very proud day for all involved.

Support like this from the station is vital, indeed the station itself is a massive part of the events and entertainments industry, and as said above, there are many reasons why we need to keep all the good people in roles, as well as keeping the public entertained.

We have released a behind the scenes video of the day and the industry really has a lot to thank all involved for the day, and we are sure there will be more to follow, check out our YouTube channel for videos of the day at

Also make sure you look up the good people on the LNP Sound Event Forum at and if you are involved in any way to the events industry, join our group and interact as we are all one and will help each other to firstly survive, then we will all thrive in the very near future.