Here we go, resolutions made (and maybe already broken) goals set and plans in place, but if we look back 12 months, who would have thought we would be where we are now? I would guess nobody.

It was a strange year in 2020, yet in some ways, exciting for business in the way that we have moved forward. We now don’t have to travel for those exploratory meetings, digital marketing grew to a level that we wouldn’t have expected until 2025 and of course, the automotive market was bought forward 20 years with the ban on new petrol and diesel cars, that is now 2030 rather than 2040 or 2050.

Out of the adversity of the pandemic we have experienced stories of inspiration, people who have given time to causes that have helped others through the most difficult time of a generation, new ideas to move forward. It really has been a learning curve like no other. Let’s hope 2021 ensures good health for people and the COVID vaccine helps solve these issues.

For Moogies, 2020 was a similar story to most I suspect, the start of the year saw diary full of booked events, through from March until October, including our first ever wedding booking, which was undoubtedly aided by us investing in gaining our Permission for Commercial Operations (PFCO) for drones’ early March from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), but then by March 23rd our whiteboard was empty, everything was cancelled.

After dusting ourselves down and beginning home schooling for our kids, it was time to assess what we could do over the next 6-12 months. Luckily, we have built up great networks over the last few years with good friends and people that really do look out for each other, and the first port of call were to talk things through with these. Quite quickly it became apparent that there were certain industries that were going to be busier than normal, as well as industries that still needed to get their word out there to calm people down and to ensure they maximised what they could and couldn’t do or claim, so we had the capabilities to do that with our clients through technology advancements.

It became apparent really quickly that podcasting and vodcasting was top become vital to our clients, especially with Zoom becoming a major part or everyone’s life, it enabled the messages or our experts in their fields had to get into the relevant markets with sincerity, passion and knowledge, which obviously would help other people and businesses to get through the toughest of periods.

What we did see early on in the pandemic was an increase in destinations and venues looking to do their own marketing, indeed, talking to a few of our clients we found out that this was down to the fact that they now had time to produce their own websites, videos and other media so could cut out the middleman websites and help increase valuable profits that will be needed to ensure that huge losses experienced are minimised going forward.

The one industry that has amazed everyone is the events and hospitality, without a doubt they have been forgotten by many, out of sight, out of mind, despite superb campaigns to ensure they are still relevant and remembered, yet they have still been inventive and, in some cases, have pivoted. We have a lot of friends in this area of the economy and the fear is that if you lose the experience, you lose the whole industry, because who is left to teach the up-and-coming stars of festival and event sites, who will spot potential dangers, or experiences that can make the customers enjoy the day even more. What we have to remember is the people behind these companies have decades of years’ experience in most cases, and that is invaluable, you certainly wouldn’t want to be at an event with thousands of people and nobody has any experience of managing such a huge undertaking before, as we have all heard of through news reports, the consequences can be deadly sadly.

So, the message is to hope 2021 gives businesses a chance, to ensure as soon as possible that events season is back and we can all get back to enjoying life again, safely of course, until then it is time to observe scientists, abide by lockdown rules and get vaccinated as soon as we can, I am sure working together we can get some type of normality back in time to enjoy a summer this year, so ensure you look after others and protect your families, friends and yourselves.

Happy New Year and stay safe and healthy.